Master Controllers

Master controller are used for remote operation of contractors equipment controlling E.O.T cranes & Rolling mills drives. The controllers are made in dust proof enclosure in IP-54 degree of protection, up to 6 notches either side with maximum 24 contacts as per desired sequence with spring return arrangements & dead man’s handle arrangement are available. And master controllers are compact upto 4-0-4 step suitable for Hoists-Grab, CT-LT maximum contact 16 per motion with spring return arrangements.

Body Material:
Sheet Steel / Aluminium Die Cast
Degree of Protection:
IP-41/IP-54 Confirming to IS-13947(Part-1)1993
Mounting Position:
Horizontol / Vertical
Contact Material:
Silver Camium
Rated Voltage Insulation:
500 V.A.C.
Thermal Test Current:
40 Amps.
Cable Entries:
2x20 2x60 standard conduit
Frequency of Operation:
1000 switching per hour
Single / Double break
No. of Contacts :
24 maximum
No. of steps:
7-0-7 maximum
Spring return / deadman's handle arrangement