Oil Capacity Requrements:

Thruster Model
Oil Requirement
ST 515
1.20 liters
ST 520
1.50 liters
ST 535, ST 546
2.50 liters
ST 870, ST 8110
4.50 liters
ST 13200, ST 13300
9.00 liters

Electrical Connection And Filling Oil:​

Unless other wise specified, all thrusters are suitable for operation for 415 Volts, 3-phase, 50 H Power supply. Provide suitable safety backups, like fuses, ELCBs for the thruster.

The thruster operates equally well in both directions of rotation, and therefore the incoming power cable can be terminated in any phase sequence. Replace the terminal box cover. Ensure that the sealing gasket is in proper shape and condition.

Open the Oil filling plug and fill specified quantity of oil in tank partly and operate the thruster for a few non-working cycles to expel air trapped in oil . After air is expelled completely, secure the plug firmly. The thruster is ready for operation. ( for voltage 220 Volts, 30,50Hz supply thrusters are also available )


The thruster is designed for long trouble free service, and normally needs very little or no maintenance. The motor bearings are adequately sized and windings are designed to meet contingencies. Normal maintenance includes to topping of the oil levels, replacement of damaged, worn out oil seals and gaskets. The inside of the terminal box must be cleaned.

if for some reasons, it is necessary to dismantle the thruster, open it with care. Clean all parts and check that all parts are in proper shape and dimensions . Replace the damaged parts. Re-assemble the thruster properly. If the oil is contaminated and needs to be replaced with fresh oil then do so. Ensure that it is of the recommended grade.